1. How long have you been selling real estate Yelena Vasilyeva?

I’ve been buying and selling real estate for nearly twenty-five years. I’ve been with Homelife now for over 15 years and have received multiple sales awards for volume as well as customer satisfaction. I’m an Ontario girl at heart, and love everything Southern Ontario offers, in terms of people and opportunities. I was born and raised here so I know the area intimately; this has given me a significant advantage over the competition who might be guessing at a property’s value or attempt to put you in your ideal neighborhood. As a high energy person, I enjoy a no-nonsense approach to life both personally and professionally, and enjoy pushing my body to the limits through Iron Man competitions, as well as mentally by putting myself in my client’s shoes to know exactly what they really need and deliver on the promise.

2. Is Location still the most important part of real estate?

As long as land is a finite resource, 100% absolutely location is the main indicator in terms of price and understanding the home owner’s value system. Many people don’t realize this, but location doesn’t just reflect on one’s financial status, it also reflects on their values. How is the school system? Is it a family-oriented community or growing young singles demographic? Large senior community, rural land, or a more urban feel? This is why I personally want to know more about my client’s inner most desires in a home. What does it look like, what does it feel like? There are a few core values which are easy to identify, but it’s only when we dig deeper, beyond the surface level, can we truly pair up the buyer to his or her ideal home.

3. What is your preferred market or service area?

As an Ontario native, I prefer to focus on Southern Ontario This area really excites me because its Ontario’s 3rd largest county, and hosts some of the most beautiful homes and friendly community residents found in our nation. When the housing crisis hit many home owners lost equity, but Durham Region homes tended to bounce back much quicker and begin to actually rise again, because there is true value in the craftsmanship of many of these affluent homes, as well as plenty of other factors to live in middle-class communities, including low-crime, school systems, public works, and other real-world factors which impact our lives on an invisible level.

4. Do you believe homes are still worth purchasing as an investment?

Just look at what the most successful investors and banks are doing. They are buying homes by record numbers because they are undervalued in many markets. Homes will always be a great investment because it’s the one asset that actually appreciates, not depreciates. You buy a car, and when you take it off the lot, it loses its value. You live in a home for thirty years, raise a family, and then have a large nest-egg when you sell. There aren’t too many safer or better investments than real estate. Of course the location is critical, but Ontario is a special province, with a large influx of people coming here for more land, quality homes, and friendly community.

5. How does one get in contact with you, Yelena Vasilyeva?

You can simply search for me on Google, or go to one of our teams websites. Call 416-731-6567. If you are specifically looking for property homes for sale in Bowmanville there is the hyperlink to view. I just want to let potential buyers or sellers know I’m very passionate about what I do, and hope you are very serious about selling or buying your next dream home in Durham Region. If this sounds like you, pick up the phone and give my team a call, or request a quote on one of the listed properties.