• Newcastle coming soon!
    Newcastle coming soon!
  • Halminen, local favourite
    Halminen, local favourite
  • Kaitlin Group by the lake
    Kaitlin Group by the lake
  • Hwy 57 Delpark
    Hwy 57 Delpark
  • Gracefields Newcastle
    Gracefields Newcastle
  • Farsight Bowmanville coming soon
    Farsight Bowmanville coming soon
  • Averton very soon. In town!
    Averton very soon. In town!
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Consider “Bowmanville New Homes” as your first stop for New Clarington Residences

Bowmanville is currently one of the hottest spots in Canada to escape the urban jungle.

From our research approximately 1000 people a month type in search terms related to moving to Bowmanville from one of the neighboring urban areas.

In this aggressive market, there are many homes for sale in Clarington. With so many Clarington area homes for sale, is it any wonder that subdivision builders are expanding their land holdings at such a rapid pace.

Metro Toronto has been exploding for the last 20 years which creates a very favorable climate for families to escape the fast pace of the city for the somewhat slower pace of nearby towns and villages.

Those who have become accustomed to the amenities that the big city provides will find this region to have plenty of options for entertainment, shopping, and entertainment. All the while it affords a phenomenal jump-off point to the Kawarthas and cottage country.

The city’s current population is approximately 50,000 And its current growth is dramatic.

Several of the surrounding cities are experiencing serious growth and we have documented a few of them here also.

Newcastle, in particular, is also experiencing a huge boost in housing sales. There are also many homes for sale in Newcastle Ontario so we have included some builders of new homes in Newcastle as well. For something even closer to rural surroundings, Newcastle is the top choice.

Newcastle receives 140 search queries per month for new homes related searches.

Even remote Newtonville has onlookers in the Google stratosphere.

Currently, the hottest spot seems to be the development located on Hwy 57. This piece of property runs all the way over to Middle Rd and is likely to be in excess of 2000 homes by the time the dust settles.

It is rumored that Halminen Homes has sold it’s business interests to Greenpark Homes from Toronto. They are likely to become dominant players in the Bowmanville market since they have such a long-standing history in the Toronto market and obvious marketing and buying power.

I still remember Greenpark advertising on TV years ago. It seems to me they were famous for having an ad where they showed this ridiculous scenario with trades walking everywhere in some poor couple’s home while they were trying to live their daily lives.

Let’s hope that their competition isn’t really that lax in getting the home completely finished before people move in. LOL

Somehow I doubt it.

Some other recent developments in development…..did I really say that…..???? There seems to be a lot of activity at the Kaitlin group site down along the east lakeshore drive. machines are breaking ground to put in the main services. This means we are probably going to see a model home sometime this year. I suspect there will be a big demand and premium pricing with a huge opportunity for speculative inflation when this site comes online!

Seems there are some smaller sites popping up as well. Holland Homes is rumored to have plans for a few apartment complexes in the near future. I believe there will be a fair demand for apartments, with the housing prices escalating, pushing some economic brackets out of the market.

It is also rumored that Holland is planning a fairly decent sized development in Port Perry starting in 2018. They produce a very nice upscale home and stand out in the market for going above and beyond in terms of building quality.

More to come soon!

Who Are the Local New Home Developments

  1. Halminen Homes             www.halminenhomes.com

    Halminen Bowmanville

  2. Holland Homes                www.holland-homes.ca

  3. Highcastle Homes            www.highcastlehomes.com

    Highcastle Bowmanville

  4. Thornridge                        http://thornridgehomes.com

    Thornridge Bowmanville

  5. Delta-Rae                            www.delta-rae.com

    Delta-Rae Bowmanville

  6. Averton                              http://avertonontario.ca

    Averton Homes Bowmanville

  7. Esquire                                esquirehomes.ca

    Esquire Homes Bowmanville

  8. Highmark                           www.highmarkhomes.ca

    Highmark Homes Bowmanville

  9. Preston                               prestonhomes.ca

    Preston Homes Bowmanville

  10. City Homes                          mycityhome.ca

    City Homes Bowmanville

  11. Coughlan                            www.coughlanhomes.com

    Coughlan Homes Bowmanville

  12. Kaitlin                                 www.kaitlincorp.com

    Kaitlin Homes Bowmanville

  13. Veltri                                  www.veltrigroup.com/communities

    Veltri Group Bowmanville

  14. Delpark                               delparkhomes.ca

    Delpark Homes Bowmanville

  15. Thornridge                        thornridgehomes.com

    Thornridge Homes Bowmanville

  16. Lancaster                          www.lancasterhomes.ca

    Lancaster Homes Bowmanville

  17. Picture                                picturehomesonline.com

    Picture Homes Bowmanville

  18. Andelwood                       www.andelwoodhomes.ca

    Andelwood Homes Bowmanville

  19. Farsight                            www.farsight.ca

    Farsight Homes Bowmanville


    If you are a Bowmanville builder and you do not see your home listed here please contact admin. @ newhomesinbowmanville@gmail.com

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